soren's first birthday r.s.v.p.

Hopefully you can make it to help us celebrate Soren's first year of living the dream. The party will be at Soren's house, most likely in the back yard...we are looking forward to some music, maybe a little wading pool action, drink boxes for the kids and drink bottles for the adults...we'll have sunblock, bug spray, towels, snacks, the works. Just bring yourself and your party pants! Do bring your significant other if you care to, as well—we'll have adult food in addition to the spread of string cheese, bananas, popsicles and (low sugar, organic) cupcakes you can imagine will be featured.

Step 1. : name details

first things first:
can you make it to the party!?

(we really hope so!)
Step 2. : number of kids

if so, how many...

kids will you be bringing?
Step 3. : number of adults

and, how many...

adults are coming with those kids?
Step 4. : email address

in case we need to spam you, party-style:

what is your email address?
Step 4. : name details

Critical step: let us know!

for the record...
Step 5. : name details

Critical step: let us know!

any comments, questions, or birthday wishes?